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About Our Newmarket Criminal Lawyer

A former police officer, Leo A. Kinahan became a Newmarket criminal lawyer in 1995, and he obtained a Masters in Law in 2002. Kinahan is a defence lawyer for all criminal offences and highway/traffic offences. He defends clients accused of a variety of criminal offences, including (but not limited to): drinking and driving, bail hearings, assault, sexual offences, fraud, theft, all drug-related offences, murder and pardons.

Kinahan’s invaluable years of experience as both a police officer and a barrister and solicitor make him an asset to your case. He has a working knowledge of the law from both perspectives, which he utilizes to your best advantage both inside and outside of the courtroom.

He understands what’s needed in the courtroom (evidence, testimonies, legal counsel, etc.), and he has had enough experience working actual crime scenes and filing paperwork from the law enforcement perspective to know all of the various “ins” and “outs” of your case.

For results, call Leo A. Kinahan/Kinahan Professional Corporation – the Newmarket criminal lawyer residents trust.

A Commitment to You

Leo A. Kinahan is committed to providing exceptional service at reasonable rates. As your Newmarket criminal lawyer, Leo Kinahan listens to you and asks the relevant questions that need to be answered to properly assist you. As a client, you should feel comfortable enough to ask any questions you may have throughout the legal process and to share any and all information that will result in better advice and representation throughout your case.

You can contact Leo Kinahan via the urgent 24-hour pager (1-888-865-2232); your call will be returned usually within 15 minutes – the office of Leo Kinahan is always working for you and your best defence. In addition to 24/7 emergency pager service, the office is also open evenings and weekends by appointment for your convenience and added peace of mind.

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  • Criminal law
  • Administrative & regulatory employment law

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  • Province of Ontario

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